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Christening / Baptism

May God Bless the new edition to your family. Capture this special moment as you newborn is christened or baptized.

Now let’s talk about what gets photographed

Prior to the Ceremony,

many families ask to have photos of the baby “getting ready”. Meet at your house before the Ceremony for getting ready photos and portraits of the child. If you remember the getting ready part of your Wedding day, you will find it’s very similar to this. I always ask that parents have the “details” ready. This includes the following:

• Pre-Ceremony Outfit

• Baptismal Outfit

• Baptismal Cross and Chain baptism-outfit

• Olive Oil • White hand towels

• Baptismal Candles

• Martyrika-in some cultures these witness pins are used which are handed out to guests at the end of a ceremony

•Additional items include shoes, a copy of the invitation for the guests, florals, or any other details you see fit. If time allows, I usually like to get some family photos done prior to the Ceremony, but at this point in time I primarily focus on candids.

The Ceremony

Again, depending on the type of Baptism your child receives, a ceremony can be anywhere from 45-90 minutes. During this time I confirm with the Priest where I am allowed to stand and photograph. In most cases they allow me onto the alter to take close-up photos of the baby being submerged. Other than that we have the lighting of the candles and the blessings which are typically done while the Godparents, family and baby are seated in the pews. Having done many Baptisms, I am very familiar with the timing of these events.

After the Ceremony

Immediately after the Ceremony concludes I ask the Priest to jump in for a family photo. After that, we will proceed to the remaining family portrait combinations and additional Family Group Shots and “ALL party”group shots. Portraits are created at my home studio, in the park or in the church.

The Reception

Now it’s time to have fun! During the reception I will be capturing the decor details, cake, food, cocktail reception and plenty of candids! At this point all the family photos and important rituals are covered, so parents get to sit back and enjoy. I hope this post helped those of you who are planning a Baptism in the future and be sure to send me a message with any questions you may have!