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Hi, My name is Alicja

I am a Polish-speaking photographer from New Britain, Connecticut.

Phone: 860-798-2850

Email: alicjakosalka@gmail.comTo find out more about me please click the link below

About Me

Personal Branding Photography It's way more fun than most people think

and could have your Ideal Clients falling in Love with your Brand, Products or Service.

You deserve to Show Up and Be Seen.

Just show your fabulous self and I'll take care of rest. 

Personal Brand Photography Sessions for businesses + creatives + influencers + entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to personalize their brand with amazing, curated, colorful, lifestyle photography images that perfectly reflect and illustrate their brand & the personality behind it. Website business branding with Lifestyle Photography is an advertising necessity as your need for content continues to grow. You know how good your product or service is — but it’s an incredible challenge to differentiate yourself from the competition. You need marketing images to promote your brand across multiple platforms and help you stand out. I ensure everyone feels at ease so that their unique energy comes through in our photographs. On top of that, we layer creative choices about environments, perspective, and lighting to convey the exact mood and feeling that we’re aiming to achieve. The end result is images that stand out in their authenticity and resonate with viewers. Personal Brand Photography goes beyond traditional headshots but really tells a story of your business, the products you offer, and most importantly, who YOU are! Let me take images for your personal brand, your product, including fun and relaxed headshots, and/or document you at work. I can come to your place of business and capture you doing your thing, I can take images of the products you offer, I can photograph your team, we can stroll around town… the options are limitless. Let me know your vision and what kinds of images you need for your social media presence so that you can promote your brand.

Commercial Use Of The Pictures

Once you order images, you are the owner of a commercial use release. I differ from lots of photographers and photography services. I don’t request to use credit for your branding photoshoot unless the image is published outside of your assets.  After you order, I allow you to edit, add light, color, text, or filters to match your branding and marketing. The only restriction is that you cannot give the images or sell them to other businesses. 


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